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About iShack Digital Consulting

iShack Digital is a consulting firm specializing in digital and social media strategy. With vast experience in online marketing, e-commerce, social buying, smartphone, mobile, social media platforms, viral video & audio production and tech venture capital.

We believe that your performance in digital are quantifiable and it is the task of iShack Digital to maximize our clients ROI on their digital spend.

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ishack digital agency has a culture of innovation.

We believe “proof of concept” is a superior notion than a hypothetical idea and thus we develop digital technologies that have the ability to disrupt industries, changing the landscape, while offering our clients effective solutions to their digital & social media requirements.

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iShack Digital Consultancy Core Values

iShack Digital Consultancy Core Values

March 6th, 2014

If you are looking for a job at iShack Digital Consultancy, here are our core culture values: [Read More...]

iShack Digital Launches  Urgent Help on the iTunes and Play Store

iShack Digital Launches Urgent Help on the iTunes and Play Store

January 30th, 2014

Urgent Help, Your Smart Emergency App! iShack Digital Consultancy Launches Ground-breaking Urgent[Read More...]

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