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Online Marketing


If your website is not on the first page of a Google search then you are missing out on potential clients. Research has shown that there is a massive difference in the exposure that number one ranked websites receive opposed to the ones ranked lower down the pecking order. Search Engine Optimisation and pay-per-click advertising helps to draw in a flood of traffic that can be converted into new business.

In the below screenshot of a Google Search page for the keyword term “Venture Capital South Africa”, two of iShack Digital Consultancy’s clients feature in the number 1 and number 2 position of the organic Google search section. Our SEO services ensure that the South African Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (SAVCA) as well as Grovest Venture Capital Fund are the most relevant websites available on Google when Google users search for “Venture Capital in South Africa”. Thus our clients receive important and valuable leads for their businesses. (The beige section is the pay-per click section and these businesses are paying for their relevance to the specified search)


The objective of SEO is to receive website traffic from a variety of sources, while making sure that these visitors return. Through SEO and pay-per-click advertising we are able to exhibit your company to existing and potential online consumers.

When working with iShack Digtal Consultancy, your search engine and social media advertising budget will only be allocated to adverts that produce results, thereby maximizing your ROI.

Pay-per-click and search engine optimisation is key in attracting leads and new business.

SMS marketing

Ishack can help market your company or a product you offer via SMS.

Email marketing

Ishack offers innovative ways to market your product via email.

Online PR

We help you strategise and conceptualise the best way of getting your message across, be it the selling of a product or enticing a potential customer or client to use your services.

Click on the below Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Case Studies to find out more about iShack Digital’s victories in this digital discipline.

Why iShack Digital Consultancy as a Search Engine Optimization Company?

iShack is considered a leading Search Engine Optimization Company in South Africa which continually provides quantifiable and undeniable ROI’s to our clients who have invested in our Search Engine Optimization Company (SEO).

iShack Digital Consultancy is a renowned Search Engine Optimization Company (SEO) based in South Africa, providing fully comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, work plans and monthly reports to our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clients. At iShack Digital Consultancy we believe in ROI and disclosure of SEO work to clients, this is why we are the best Search Engine Optimization Company to choose for your SEO needs. Call us or enquire now about our fully comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages and start to be found.

iShack Digital Consultancy has been widely considered by many as the Best SEO Company Johannesburg has to offer. To be considered as the Best SEO Company Johannesburg is a distinction in itself and iShack looks to maintain this high standard and continually cultivate it’s domineering reputation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become a valuable service that many companies have now started to consider as a priority within their digital strategy, which leads organisations to seek out the Best SEO Company Johannesburg has at its disposal.

Once front page presence is achieved the rankings will remain on the first page of Google for period of time, as SEO is a continuous process and Google makes changes to it’s algorithm whereby there will be the required tweaks and updates which are required in order to maintain on top of the competition and maintain your SEO rankings. As the Best SEO Company Johannesburg, iShack Digital Consultancy consistently meets these needs whilst regularly providing feedback to our clients.

As a premium SEO Company South Africa, iShack Digital Consultancy has for the last 10 years provided our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to companies (both locally and internationally), agencies and leading digital service providers. SEO in South Africa has been a service many agencies have not been able to offer clients, as leading SEO company in South Africa iShack prides itself in providing a premium SEO service that is fully disclosed and fully tailored to the client’s specific industry.

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