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SEO is a long-term investment

The importance of search engine optimisation is a fact in today’s economy, but if your business is not playing the long-term game, and putting the right investment behind it, you are already starting on the back foot.

media update’s Adam Wakefield and Nikita Geldenhuys spoke to Richard Bensted, director of iShack Innovation Consultancy, about why doing SEO right means having a plan and knowing what you want to achieve.

What are some of the main myths that South African businesses, like your clients, have when it comes to SEO?


My way: online gaming and vintage cars

My father and I love classic cars and so we joined this group called the Piston Ring. It is a great forum to at least appreciate these cars, by no means am I a mechanic I barely fit the look of an accountant apparently.

The Piston Ring, based at Modderfontein in Gauteng, is the largest car club of its type in South Africa with over 850 members, and is proudly affiliated to the South African Vintage and Veteran Association.


The Value of Being Number One

Does your business really need to be on Google search?

The answer to the question as to whether or not it really matters to land on Google’s front page is very simple – yes. It does. According to research the first result on Google gets 33% of all search traffic and page 1 search results get 92% of the overall traffic.


Keywords have fallen from grace, but they’re nowhere near dead

The tattered rags hanging off the broken frame. The nervous sidle into the corner of the eye. The virtual arms reaching out for a crumb of recognition. Keywords have fallen from SEO grace, misused and abused by those who wanted to shoot to the top of Google’s rankings at any cost. A cost too high for even the keyword to carry as bulging pages stuffed with repeated words and so-called experts pretending to claim the ultimate insider knowledge ripped at its foundations.

In short, bad service providers, fake SEO experts and a lack of understanding around their impact and capability have seriously hampered the reputation of both the keyword and SEO.


Why does your start-up need an online presence?

You roll your eyes when people talk of SEO and keywords and online attraction, but are you rolling them away from opportunity?

The online world is busy and chaotic. Millions of voices demand attention and proclaim their business the best. The online air practically hums with the sound of lost internet voices trying to catch the attention of busy eyes and minds.


Defining the start-up online strategy

Just like a car without wheels, a business without a website is going nowhere

In January 2017, a non-profit organisation called Do It Digital undertook research in conjunction with the UK organisation YouGov. The research found that small businesses without a digital infrastructure were losing out on around £20.2 billion in revenue annually.

That’s around £20k per business. It seems almost staggering to believe that one in four SMEs doesn’t have a website, 40% are not on social media and 20% are not online at all. Many don’t have plans to go online.


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    We have worked with many SEO companies until we found iShack. Richard & his team deliver on what they promise and takes initiative to go the extra mile. It's good to know that our SEO is taken care of and they help us understand the process. Thank you guys!

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    iShack has been an extremely valuable asset and has provided outstanding results for our Search Engine Optimization purposes. Their professionalism and personal touch has made our experience with them amazing

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    iShack has helped Dodo's implement online strategies using both paid and unpaid techniques. This has taken us into a new world of digital advertising and has allowed Dodo Shoes to build brand awareness and compete in the digital sphere.

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